New home for Greyhounds As Pets

New home for Greyhounds As Pets

The property, which backs on to the Richmond greyhound track, is the new home for GAP NSW in Western Sydney and is a move from nearby Londonderry, which had been their headquarters for the past five years. GAP NSW also has another facility on the Central Coast at Wyee as well as a number of regional programs across the State.

The 6.5 hectare Richmond property – which has 100 dog licences – became available last year and GRNSW moved swiftly to secure the site which is significantly larger than the rented Londonderry property and in a perfect location for the industry.

“The location is ideal in Western Sydney where we do a high number of adoptions, but it’s also a good location with the racetrack and participants being close as well and able to reach out with any questions or needs they may have as well,” General Manager of GAP NSW, Dr Alicia Fuller said.

“The size of the facility and its facilities will enable us to have more dogs in care. We will also have a hydrotherapy pool, runs for each kennel of course, a space for walking dogs and importantly, too, Pet Prep parks which we will be developing.

“These Pet Prep parks provide an exercise and training area for GAP greyhounds, and for industry greyhounds being prepared by participants for pet life and to be adopted greyhounds. This area will also be used as a practical education space for industry training.

“At Richmond we will also have more office space and as such be able to have a more centralised GAP administration, which will be a big help, and we will be employing our own kennel staff to maintain the high level of greyhound care.

“The hydrotherapy pool will also be able to be used by industry participants as well as our greyhounds and we are also doing some boarding, specialising in greyhounds.”

Another advantage of the facility is the availability of storage for the Track and Infrastructure team’s equipment, which had previously been stored at Newcastle.

GRNSW’s Chief Executive Officer Tony Mestrov says the new facility is the latest investment which again shows the commitment his organisation has to the welfare side of the industry.

“For several years we have made it clear the importance of the welfare of our animals, and our investment in the Greyhounds As Pets programs has increased from $1.9 million in 2018-19 to $3.4 million in 2019-20, and again substantially last year to $4.9 million,” Mestrov said.

“Last year we purchased, and are in the process of building, a world first farm-stay facility at Bylong Park in the Upper Hunter Valley, and now to be able to secure this property to give Greyhounds As Pets Western Sydney a permanent home, is a major outcome for the industry.

“The facility will be ideal for the needs of GAP NSW.”

This article was published in the Newcastle Herald on 4 February 2022.

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