Pet greyhounds in a spin over new play space

Pet greyhounds in a spin over new play space

It’s called Zoomie Land and it’s for those who have retired but still love to run.

Named after the quirk shared by many greyhounds for running around in tight circles, Zoomie Land is a new play area at Cannington created by Greyhounds WA.

General Manager Noel Reilly said the off-lead space beside the racetrack was set up after new laws freed retired greyhounds from wearing muzzles in 2021 but not from leashes.

“Zoomie Land arose from the recent changes to the Dog Act, when muzzles came off but pet greyhounds still had to be on lead in public,” Noel said.

“The Greyhounds WA Board decided to create a controlled space where dogs could enjoy themselves off lead and do zoomies.”

His family’s pet greyhound Ruby was among the first to test and approve the facilities.

“She’ll go nuts for a few minutes and spin around in circles, then wander around the grassed area,” he said.

“Greyhounds are probably the most chilled dogs you can find. Ours will let off energy doing zoomies then go to sleep for the rest of the afternoon.”

Zoomie Land is free to visit for anyone with a pet greyhound and will be open every day, apart from night hours and during race trials, meetings and maintenance periods.

“Greyhounds WA is keen to be involved in improvements which make things better for dogs, both in our racing and training facilities and for the welfare of retired greyhounds,” Noel said.

“We take a whole-of-life approach to greyhounds and it’s important to integrate their racing and post-racing lives.”

Racing and Wagering Western Australia Chief Executive Officer Ian Edwards said Zoomie Land was a welcome addition to the range of efforts supporting greyhounds in retirement.

“Our Greyhounds as Pets program is devoted to the successful transition of greyhounds from athlete to pet and matching each dog with the best possible new home,” Ian said.

“Zoomie Land takes the next step in offering a place for retired greyhounds and their new families to socialise.

“It will also help us keep in touch with dogs as they move on from their racing careers to new homes and families.”

One thought on “Pet greyhounds in a spin over new play space

  1. Hi. Wot a brilliant move for our greys. If it can happen in WA, why can’t it happen here???? Please speak to greyhound people who are appropriate in making a Zoomie Land here in SA . I live south of Adelaide ( Morphett Vale ) & there is absolutely nothing available down here set up for off lead greys!!! The need is great as more & more people adopt retired greys, then as new owners, realise there is nowhere to let them run free!!! GAPSA has many greys for adoption, but adoptees get told or know already that their grey can never run free, always on a lead. All greys love to run, hard n fast, but atm we can’t take them anywhere close for the run that they desperately need!!!! Please talk to someone over here in SA to get an area specifically for greys. A fee could be charged per dog, ensuring such monies could cover maintenance of said property. Grey owners wud not hesitate to contribute if they knew they could take their grey to an “ Off Leash “ park. Please help us over here!!!!

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