Short term lockdown greyhound foster stays success story

Short term lockdown greyhound foster stays success story


Greyhounds As Pets NSW (GAP NSW) have been delighted with the response to their recently introduced short-term fostering program.

Last month as Greater Sydney and surrounding regions were placed into lockdown, GAP NSW began a shorter-term, “lockdown fostering” program aimed at introducing a new audience, particularly those working from home, to having a greyhound as a pet.

“The interest in the 14-day fostering campaign has been tremendous,” GAP NSW General Manager Dr Alicia Fuller said. “Not only do we have a large number of dogs already with foster carers through the program, but we have a growing waiting list of people ready to dip their toes into the experience, and we are working hard at finding suitable dogs for them.

“These are difficult times for everyone, and many people are doing it very tough. We hope with this program that it gives people the opportunity to bring one of these wonderful animals into their homes, to bond with them, exercise with them, and experience the joys that so many greyhound adopters and foster carers already do.”

Dr Fuller said all the feedback so far from the program has been extremely positive, and GAP NSW plans to look at all individual cases when their fostering period ends… although she is hoping that some foster carers may decide to extend, or even contemplate adopting.

Those who foster a dog will be provided with food, a bowl, and bedding. For more, visit

This article was published on 10th August 2021.

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