Greyhounds make wonderful pets. Like other breeds, every dog is an individual and each has its own personality, but overall they are gentle, family-oriented dogs who will bring joy to your home. Each Australian state has a rehoming program, and each can help you place the dog into the right home. Here are some comments from those who have welcomed a greyhound into their family.


Liz & Angel from Victoria

GAP ambassador and lover of people. Angel was a great dog to take along to busy places, including a parade with fire and police sirens going crazy. She took to the couch in 1 2 3 and never left. Passed away in march 2019.”


Raelene & Juno from WA

“Our senior lady is placid, calm, charming, independent, loving, tolerant, aims to please, adaptable and hates flies. She is a great ambassador for her breed, she loves everyone and everyone loves her back.”


Cheryl & Dillon from WA

“Greyhounds are so stunningly beautiful, so graceful,  but it’s their personality that wins you over the most. They can make us smile with their goofy antics, snuggle up with us if we need company, or boss us around if we are a minute late with their meals!”

If you are the proud parent of a rehomed greyhound please send us photos here.

To adopt a greyhound please visit the following sites: