Greyhounds make wonderful pets. Like other breeds, every dog is an individual and each has its own personality, but overall they are gentle, family-oriented dogs who will bring joy to your home. Each Australian state has a rehoming program, and each can help you place the dog into the right home. Here are some comments from those who have welcomed a greyhound into their family.

If you are the proud parent of a rehomed greyhound please send us photos here.

Toni and Sandy from QLD

“Sandy is my psychic hound who warns me of impending asthma attacks and earlier this year warned me to take care the night before refusing to leave my side and sleeping beside my bed. Next morning while driving to work tree branch came down and smashed my windscreen. Sandy is one very special greyhound and my life has been richly blessed to have this special breed in my life and the wonderful trainers who are my dearest friends.”

Jay and Elvie from WA

“I’ve had my girl Elvie aka Elvira for over 5yrs now got her from a respected trainer and owner. She’s my happiness, when I get home always smiling and happy to see me. She retired and I was only going to take her for a trial period but 5yrs later I wouldn’t change a thing. Our love grows more and more everyday.” Jay and Elvie from WA

Malcolm and Panda

“Panda has won 19 races and $102,000 in prize money. He is living with me in Rubyvale, Central QLD and has fit in very well. He is a gentleman.”

Carly and Joey

“Joey, my first greyhound. He was my soul dog, such a special boy who loved everyone and anyone. He was a GAP ambassador and people stopped to pat him wherever we went. His arthritis in his spine got the better of him and he was put to sleep in March 2021. Miss him dearly.”


Michelle and Theo from SA

“I was a jockey until I was left a paraplegic from a race fall. Theo and his best mate Dozer our Blue Heeler always look out for me, they will bark to get my partners attention if they think I’m in trouble and need his help. Words cannot describe how much we love this dog and how grateful we are to have him in our lives.”


Josie, Gilbert and Goldy from SA

“A few days after Gilbert came home, I received a message from Gilbert’s trainer. She told me all about the things Gilbert liked. I sent her a photo of Gilbert at our place and she cried – I never imagined the trainers would care where they went or what their lives were like. We fostered Goldy in April 2019. He was a foster fail….meaning we couldn’t let him go so we adopted him too!!”

Greyhound Adoption

Liz & Angel from Victoria

“GAP ambassador and lover of people. Angel was a great dog to take along to busy places, including a parade with fire and police sirens going crazy. She took to the couch in 1 2 3 and never left. Passed away in march 2019.”

Greyhound Rehoming

Raelene & Juno from WA

“Our senior lady is placid, calm, charming, independent, loving, tolerant, aims to please, adaptable and hates flies. She is a great ambassador for her breed, she loves everyone and everyone loves her back.”

Greyhound Adoption and Rehoming Australia

Cheryl & Dillon from WA

“Greyhounds are so stunningly beautiful, so graceful,  but it’s their personality that wins you over the most. They can make us smile with their goofy antics, snuggle up with us if we need company, or boss us around if we are a minute late with their meals!”

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